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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Sad!!!!

I just noticed that I have lost three of my followers. I really appreciate that have the wonderful followers I do have..... so I will be posting more stuff and candy very soon so please faithful followers please stick with me.


Mandy said...

Hey Michelle, don't worry about the followers numbers hun, they go up and down all the time and that happens to most people.
One little tip would be to turn off word verification, most people loathe it and some say they are refusing to comment on blogs that have it on.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend
hugs Mandy xx

JAN said...

aw dont be sad Michelle..let this spur you on. Hugs janet

paperscissors said...

put a smile on for the followers that stay, the others may have left because your style is not their style or maybe the are trying to follow too many blogs or they just came for the candy, whatever, you still have others!

Bubbles said...

Ah, but look on the bright side... 150 followers - what a lovely round number :)

Lynne said...

Don't be sad, you still have 150 followers, I should be the sad one, I only have 39!!!

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